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Laptop display is not working | external monitor not working!

Laptop display is not working

Don’t worry if your laptop display is not working, because in this post I will show the best you can do to bring it to life again.

Laptops are widely purchased just because they are smaller in size than a desktop PC. Especially it’s the choice of people who travel a lot to meet there customers/clients. Just imagine you are in a meeting or a seminar and suddenly your laptop display is not working.

So what should look for first? Honestly speaking it’s a wearied question because there may be one or more reasons behind, which may be causing the problem.

In case if it’s a Desktop PC replacing the hardware can be a much easy task compared to the laptop. But we will make the best effort from our side to fix it.

So let us start the troubleshooting process of Laptop display is not working or Laptop screen and external monitor not working.

First, we have to check whether the display is bad or anything else, which is causing the problem.

Now you have to shut down your laptop. But how when you cannot see what’s going on the screen?

Very simple, long-press the power button until the laptop is shut down.
If you were working when the problem occurred, then I don’t think you can save you files because when you can’t see how are you going to save the data?

So, unfortunately, the unsaved data you are currently working with will be lost.

If you wish you can make a one minute silence for the unsaved data lose.

But this has nothing to do with your Laptop screen and external monitor not working problem.

Once you have successfully shut down the laptop, now when you start it again, it should start normally. Simply start the laptop as you usually do by pressing the power button.

Now to make sure if the laptop it starts normally. You will need to check a few things here.

  • Fan is spinning
  • Power, as well as HDD, lights up
  • The hard disk will only spin if your laptop has as HDD. If your laptop has an SSD, there will now disk inside it to spin.

1. Check if the fan is spinning.

Laptop screen not working acer

One way to check the fan is to rotate through the cooling fan air vent with the help of torchlight.

The second way is by keeping your hand in front of the cooling fan air vent, and you should feel the air coming out of the laptop.

Some laptops make a loud noise of fans during the start-up which you can hear easily.

2. Now to check if both the power and the HDD light are glowing/blinking.

laptop screen not working but external monitor does

If the fan is not spinning, the power and HDD led is not blinking/glowing, then it refers to a different problem.
As this blog post aims to solve the problem of Laptop display is not working.

So let us assume you checked and found the fan is spinning as well as the power, HDD Led is blinking/glowing.

The next step is to connect to an external monitor.

Please turn off your laptop by long-pressing the power button and then connect it to an external monitor of your desktop or you can also use the SMART TV for testing.

After connecting to external monitor/smart TV turn on your laptop. If the regular boot screen appears then no doubt that the laptop display is not working, so only the screen needs to be replaced in order to bring the laptop back to condition.

If your laptop is under warranty simply find the nearest manufacturer’s service center and let them take care of it. In case if you are on tour to any other country, then you have to check if you have a global warranty. Many laptop manufacturers provide global warranty also.

If the warranty period is over, then I strongly recommend taking the laptop to a technician instead of trying to repair it yourself.

So let us see the process of how to replace the laptop screen. Before you start, read the below-mentioned note carefully.

From here onward the procedure which I am going to say if you want to practice you do it at your own risk. We shall not take responsibility for any data loss, damage to your laptop, or any injury that happens during the replacement of the laptop screen.

laptop display is not working Here the video showing the complete process of laptop screen replacement.

Here is the procedure for replacing the screen of your laptop.

1. Visit the manufacturer’s website to check the laptop screen specifications.

2. You can purchase online or in the market near you but make sure the specifications should be the same as the old screen.

3. Remove the laptop charger from the socket as well as from laptop.

4. Safely remove the battery from the laptop.

5. Few laptops will be having screws and others as a press fit.

6. If its fixed with screws use a screwdriver to unscrew for removing the bezel.

7. Keep all the screws and other attachments in a safe place till you fix them back to there original place.

8. Once all screws are unscrewed, you can remove the bezel from the screen

9. Disconnect all the wires that are attached to the screen.

10. Now you can take out the laptop’s screen quickly.

11. Place the new screen in place of the old one.

12. Reconnect all the cable just as they were connected earlier.

13. Fix all the screws. Don’t miss a single one.

14. Put the battery on the laptop as it was earlier.

15. Finally, start the laptop and test it, and you are done with this process.

Replacing any laptop screen is a straightforward and easy process if done correctly.


A laptop display is not working is a very common problem faced by many people.

First, you have to make sure that is the screen that has gone bad. And as I said earlier, better to find a technician to carry out the repair, which is going to be a cheap fix and safe.

But in case if you wish to fix it on your own just follow the procedure correctly and step by step.

It’s very important to find the screen with the same specifications as recommended by the manufacturer.

If the screen does to match the specifications even if you follow the correct procedure, it may not work.

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